Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Law Of Attraction!

Well I was increasingly running out of cigarettes and worrying about it made me smoke more thus further deleting my supply of cigarettes! Plus I was smoking a cheaper brand called "Smokin Joes" because that was all that I could afford!

This cheaper brand of cigarette - actually it isn't even a cigarette it is called filtered cigars - I used to get because it only cost like $1.60 BUT the price increased to $2.00! But it is still the most cheapest that I can find!

Anyways like I was saying, I was worried so much about increasing my cigarette supply that I started thinking about how I could do that!

I remembered in the past about how the law of attraction worked for me as far as me having cigarettes was concerned so I was working on trying to manifest some more cigarettes into my life! I was thinking about it long and hard - perhaps too hard but I finally managed to get an idea! It wasn't 100% foolproof but it did allow me to buy 2 more packs of the cheaper brand!

So now I'm happily typing away (as you can plainly see) while happily smoking a cigarette - actually it's called cigar!

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Thursday, May 07, 2009


I'm Running Out Of Cigarettes (Again!)

Yes, that's right! My current cigarette supply is running very, very low! I'm trying not to get too angry about this though and I'm hoping to manifest some more cigarettes! My ultimate dream would be able to purchase a whole carton of Kool 100's! Hopefully some kind soul (maybe someone who is a smoker too) will donate to me so that I can go out right now and purchase some cigarettes for me to enjoy!

Even though my Adsense earnings help towards me being able to purchase cigarettes, I won't get another Adsense payment until the end of this month and that is like two weeks away! But I thank God for my Adsense because having that income allows me to buy cigarettes for which I am very grateful!

I don't know if the hike in the cigarette prices is meant to discourage people from smoking but I'm not going to be one of them! I enjoy smoking and it relaxes me and helps to ease and relax the stress that I have!

I'm sure any other smoker will tell you the same thing.

And we will continue to smoke for as long as we can!

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